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=> Ms.Sheela M. Jog, IAAS-1995 batch has taken charge of Principal Director, RTI Nagpur on 08.07.2019

=> Shri S. K. Jha, DG, RTI Nagpur transferred and posted as Director General of Audit, Scientific Dept., New Delhi on 18.03.2019

=> Hostel Canteen cooking area renovated with colors, tiles and chimney Jan-Feb,2019

=> Smt R.R.Shahre,Sr.AO/CF & Admn retired on 31.July.2018.

=> Shri Hemant Bhure, AAO from office of AG(Audit)-CG, Raipur joined this instiute as Core Faculty (IS) 14 July,2018

=> New Table Tennis installed at Hostel Block, Inaugurated by DG,RTI on 10-07-2018

=> We have hosted eLearning platform on our intranet server-First course conducted on this platform July,2018

=> Offices based in Gwalior have been included in our user office group,June 2018

=> Offices based in Hyderabad have been removed from our user office group, June'2018

=> Shir S. K. Jha, Principal Director, RTI, Nagpur promoted as Director General,RTI, Nagpur on 25.05.2018.

=> RTI Nagpur hosted first general training for UN Audit- UNJSPF, OCHA and DPA teams- January, 2018

=> Hostel Canteen renovated with new lights, painting, AC etc December, 2017

=> Shri G.K.Omee,Core Faculty(IS) certified as eLearning Specialist by INTOSAI Development Initiateive, Norway. Oct-2017

=> RTI Nagpur has organised "Ashu-Bhashan Pratiyogita Under the agies of NARAKAS-Nagpur" 04-Aug-2017

=> First course on Performance Auditing conducted for Directorate of Local Fund Audit, Gujrat Govt. July-2017

=> Shri S. K. Jha, IAAS-1993 batch taken charge of Pr.Director, RTI, Nagpur on 30.06.2017(A/N)

=> Shri Jaydeep Shah, Pr.Director transferred and posted as AG(A&E)-II, MP, Gwalior 30.06.2017

=> Shri S.S. Murty, PS to PD repatriated to his parent office AG(A)-II, Nagpur on 30.06.2017

=> New walking pathway, garden benches and jhula installed at RTI Garden June'2017

=> Shri Sanjay R. Gaikwad,AO joined this institute on 27.05.2017 from O/oAG(E&RSA), Gujrat, Ahmedabad

=> Shri R.M.Jambhulkar,SAO repatriated to his parent office Commercial Audit wing-Bhilai in March-2017

=> Shri Indra Mal,AAO joined this institute on 20.02.2017 from O/o PAG(G&SSA), Kerala

=> Shri Ramteke,Sr. Accountant joined this institute on 01.Feb.2017 from O/o AG(A&E)-Hyderabd.

=> EDP Lab -II got renovated with new furniture and LAN setup February, 2017

=> EDP Lab -II got renovated with new furniture and LAN setup January, 2017

=> Conference Hall got renovated with new tiles and LED lights December,2016

=> Shri Nilesh Chatre,Clerk Joined this institute on 14.Dec.2016

=> Smt Madhuri Ishwar, Sr.Auditor, repatriated to her parent office O/o PAG-Mumbai on 13.Dec.2016

=> Director of Inspection team conducted inspection of this institute between 07.11.16 to 11.11.2016

=> Ms. Subhasini Srinivasan ADAI(WR) visited this institute on 31.10.2016

=> Chamber of Pr.Director and PS to PD renovated...Oct..2016

=> RTI Nagpur has organised "Ashu-Bhashan Pratiyogita Under the agies of NARAKAS-Nagpur" Aug-2016

=> RTI Nagpur has organised YOGA DAY ON 21-Jun-2016..See Photos in Event section of Photogallery

=> 19th Issue of Forerunner..Our Newsletter printed and disseminated...June'2016

=> New General Training Hall at Tr.Block Ist Floor with New furnitures, AC, Sound System etc.started -May-2016

=> Shri Nilesh Chatre, MTS working at this institute got promoted as Clerk and joined at O/o AG(A&E)-II, Nagpur on 01.04.2016

=> New Synthetic Badminton Court installed at RTI Hostel-Mar/2016

=> Shri R.M.Jambhulkar,SAO Joined as Sr.AO/CF(General) from Commercial Audit wing-Bhilai on dt.14.03.2016

=> 18th Issue of Forerunner..Our Newsletter printed and disseminated...

=> TWO posts are vaccant in the capacity of one each in AAO/CF(IT) and AAO/Admn

=> New Phone Number of RTI- Hostel 0712-2552252

=> Installed LAN and Internet connection in all the rooms of RTI Hostel (Nov-Dec,2015)

=> Mid-Term RAC meeting held at O/o AG(A&E), Chattisgarh, Raipur(28-09-2015)

=> Shri D.W.Jambhulkar,AAO/Admn promoted as AO and posted at AG(Commercial), Mumbai (Sep'2015)

=> 17th Issue of Forerunner..Our Newsletter printed and disseminated...

=> Shri S.V.Parwate, SAO/CF(General) selected for UN Audit World Food Programme.

=> New Research Paper released on Contract Managment.

=> Shri D.W.Jambhulkar, AAO/Admn passed CPD Examination.

=> Shri S. S. Murty, Joined as PS to PD from office of-AG(Audit)-II, Mah. Nagpur on dt.06.05.2015

=> Shri Mahesh Athawale, PS to PD got promotion and joined to his parent office-AG(Audit)-II, Mah. Nagpur on dt.01.05.2015

=> 16th Issue of Forerunner..Our Newsletter printed and disseminated...

=> One Research Paper published and disseminated on "Audit of Transaction of Motor Vehicle Tax"

=> Smt. Shilpa Gawali got promoted as Sr. Accountant wef 01.01.2015

=> Shri P.P. Ghare,SAO/CF(General), retired on superannuation on 29.Nov.2014

=> RTI Hostel renovated with New Electrical fittings and painting


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