List of software applications/system developed by this institute for training and database:


Sr. No. Name of the Software Application Developed By Usages of the Application (purpose for which utilised)

eLearning on Moodle Platform

Shri G.K.Omee, Core Faculty(IS)

RTI's LMS (Learning Managment System) has been installed on Moodle platform on intranet server. Apart from hosting all the course materials on LMS it also enables the learners to participate in different course activities like Quiz, Tests, Chat Room, Discussion Forum etc.


Library Management System

Shri G.K.Omee, Core Faculty(IS)

The institute's library is being managed by this software. It is prepared in MS-Access and caters the need of various Library Management activities like searching, posting, issue and managing the books database.


RTI Managment System

Shri L.G. Bhute, Core Faculty(IS)

The software is prepared in MS-Access and caters the need of Training Management. It has features like slots allotment, user offices, participant's database management etc.


MCQ Theory Test Software

Shri G.K.Omee, Core Faculty(IS)

This software handles the End course evaluation Test (MCQ Type) for various training programmes.

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