Frequently Asked RTI Questions and Answers:

  1. What is RTI ?
  2. “Regional Training Institute”. It is situated at Nagpur. It comes under Indian Audit & Accounts Department.There are total Nine such RTIs in this department.
  3. When was this RTI, Nagpur came into existence?
  4. In the year 1986.
  5. Where are the other RTIs situated?
  6. They are situated at :

    1. Mumbai
    2. Chennai
    3. Ranchi
    4. Jaipur
    5. Allahabad
    6. Shilong
    7. Jammu
    8. Kolkata

  7. Who are trained a RTI ?
  8. This institute caters to the training requirements of our user offices as well as other offices of Indian Audit & Accounts Department in some specialized course.
  9. Who are user offices of this RTI i.e. RTI, Nagpur ?
  10. There are total 19 user offices from states of Indian Audit & Accounts Department located in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.
  11. Can an outsider not working in Govt. organization be trained in RTI Nagpur ?
  12. No, this Institute provides training to personnel working under Indian Audit & Accounts Department only.
  13. How one working in IA&AD is nominated for training?
  14. The nomination is done as per the requirement of the user offices by providing them slots for particular course in RAC.
  15. What is RAC ?
  16. It is “Regional Advisory Committee” which comprises the member representatives from all the user offices as well as our Headquarters training wing. This committee meets twice in a year, generally in February and September months. The RAC finalizes the “Annual Training Calendar” for RTI.
  17. What are the training programmes conducted at RTI, Nagpur?
  18. This institute conducts training programme on various EDP and non-EDP topics (Auditing and Accounting)

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