Course Material >>> Case Studies

  1. Fraud Vulnerability in SAP Environment
  2. Corporate Frauds Case Studies 5 Nos NOT SENT
  3. Fraud in Tuition Fee Payments
  4. Case Studies on Cyber Crimes NOT SENT
  5. Fraudulent Expenditure on Physical Verification of Saw Mills NOT SENT
  6. Fradulent Payment on account of carriage of stone chips be…
  7. Payment without evidence for carriage of earth
  8. Fradulent payment on carriage of material to contractor - a case study
  9. Fradulent Drawal and expenditure - a case study and cyber crimes 10 Nos
  10. Payment To Contractors On The Basis Of Fictitious Measurement
  11. Fraud Vulnerability Assessment
  12. Acceptance of forged and inflated collateral security
  13. Auditing from Vigilance Perspective_G.N.Sunderraja
  14. Fraudulent Drawal of Pay & Allowances
  15. Embezzlement of Government Money
  16. Fraudulent payment
  17. Misappropriation of Government Money
  18. Defalcation of Government money
  19. Fraudulent drawal of Govt. Money
  20. Embezzlement of Personal Claims
  21. Misappropriation of Stores
  22. Defalection-Emblezzment of government money
  23. Fraud in Execution of civil works
  24. Misappropriation of Government Money
  25. Misappropriation of Funds
  26. Fraudulent Payment on Carriage of Stone Chips, Metal
  27. Fraudulent withdrawal of Government Funds
  28. Misappropriation of Cash
  29. Misappropriation of Temporary Advance
  30. Embezzelment of Revenue
  31. Fraudulent Procurement of Medical Equipment
  32.  Evasion of Stamp Duty and Registration Fees
  33.  Unauthorised utilisation of Govt.Receipt
  34.  Loss of Revenue due to Non-recovery of Water Charges
  35.  Non observance of Rules - resulting Non recovery of Freight & Cost of Diversion Goods
  36.  Non Remittance of land revenue to Government Account
  37.  Poor Management of the Leases Resulting in Undue Benefit to the lessees-Subles
  38.  Undue benefits to agencies for the advertising rights leased resulted in loss of revenue
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