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End Course Evaluation Test :: Result

  • Course on MS-Excel-Batch-2
  • Period : 22-08-2016 to 26-08-2016
    First Position : G.K. Srivastav,Auditor
    First Position : Pranav Kumar Parasar, Auditor
    Second Position : Deepak Kumar Shukla, Auditor
    Third Position : Rajesh Kumar Nagar, Accountant
    Third Position : Sumit Kumar Bhosale,Auditor
    Third Position : C.Rama Krishna, Clerk
  • Course on MS-Access-Batch-1
  • Period : 09-05-2016 to 13-05-2016
    First Position : Chandra Shekhar Dwivedi,Auditor, O/o DA,P&T Audit, Nagur
    Second Position : Ramparatap Meena,DEO O/o AG,A&E,Mah.,Nagpur
  • Course on MS- Excel
  • Period : 11-04-2016 to 15-04-2016
    First Position : Brijesh Ambade,Sr.Acctt, O/o AG,A&E,CG, Raipur
    First Position : Manoj Meena,Sr.Aud, O/o AG,E&RSA, Bhopal
    Second Position : Suraj Kumar,Auditor O/o PDA,SEC,Rly.,Bilaspur
  • Course on Introduction to MS-Office
  • Period : 17-08-2015 to 21-08-2015
    First Position : Amit Kumar Choubey,Auditor, O/o AG,Audit,CG, Raipur
    Second Position : Sachin Kumar Nigam,Auditor, O/o PDA,WC,Rly.,Jabalpur
    Second Position : Gyanendra Kumar Dwivedi,Auditor, O/o PDA,WC,Rly.,Jabalpur
  • Course on Level-2 IT Audit Advance
  • Period : 08-12-2014 to 18-12-2014
    First Position : Shri Sunny Gupta,Auditor, O/o PDA,SEC Rly.Bilaspur
    Second Position : Shri Vijay Bahadur Verma,AAO, O/o PAG(E&RSA) Hyderabad
  • Course on Oracle 11g
  • Period : 10-11-2014 to 14-11-2014
    First Position : Shri Danish Rahman,Accountant, O/o AG, (A&E) CG Raipur
    Second Position : Shri Pawan R. Sadashiv,Auditor, O/o DA P&T Nagpur
    Second Position : Ms. Susmita Saha,AAO, O/o DCA BHEL Bhopal
    Third Position : Shri Gaurav Kashive,Auditor, O/o DA P&T Nagpur
  • Course on PL/SQL Programming
  • Period : 24-02-2014 to 28-02-2014
    First Position : Shri V.Sri Nagesh Kumar, AAO, O/o PDA,SC Rly.Secunderabad
    Second Position : Shri Prashant Kumar,DEO, O/o AG (A&E)-II Mah. Nagpur
    Third Position : Shri Amit Kumar, Accountant, O/o AG(A&E), CG, Raipur
  • Workshop on Use of Statistical Sampling in IAAD
  • Period : 6-01-2014 to 10-01-2014
    First Position : Shri Mahendra Singh Madkoriya, AAO, O/o AG(E&RSA), MP, Bhopal
    Second Position : Smt. Indrani Ghose,AAO, O/o AG (Audit)-II Mah. Nagpur
    Third Position : Shri Vijay Bahadur Verma, AAO,& Sh.Abhisekh Kr.Pandey, Auditor O/o PAG(E&RSA), AP, Hyderabad
  • Introduction to MS-Access
  • Period : 16-12-2013 to 20-12-2013
    First Position : Shri Pawan R. Sadanshiv, Auditor, O/o DA, P&T Nagpur
    Second Position : Shri U.K. Pandit, Auditor, O/o AG audit CG Raipur
    Second Position : Shri B.N. Ambade, Accountant, O/o AG A&E CG Raipur
    Third Position : Smt. Ambika Nair, AO, O/o DA, P&T Nagpur
  • Level-2-A-Database Concepts....
  • Period : 16-09-2013 to 20-09-2013
    First Position : Shri Anurag Dwivedi, Auditor, O/o AG(E&RSA), MP, Bhopal
    Second Position : Shri Shushil Kumar Yadav, Auditor, O/o PDA ,WC Railwary Jabalpur
    Third Position : Smt. Jayanjali Manoj Ukey, AAO, o/o PDA, Central Rly., Mumbai

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